A big move, a baby on the way, pork, and a farm store

Hello dear farm friends! It's been a while since we've given you an update so I though I would fill you in on the latest.


If it seems like we have fallen off the end of the planet, that's because we have been in the middle of moving our family and farm for the past few months.  We moved into a well worn, old pre-civil war farmhouse so that we could live where we farm. And we love it! It has been a long and exhausting process, but the new land and home will make everything we do more efficient and enjoyable. Living where we farm means no more commuting twice a day just to milk the cows! We are so thankful for this resettling. 

I (Kristin) am also very pregnant and expect a baby literally any day now. I am 39 weeks along. We expect another strapping and adorable farmer boy.

Baby bump and Beulah the cow

Baby bump and Beulah the cow

On product news, we have pasture/forest raised pork now available. If you are interested in our delicious, humanly raised pork, you can purchase at Morningside Farmer's Market in Atlanta on Saturday mornings from 8am-11:30, or at our farm store on Thursdays.


And yes, we now have a farm store! Rustic though it may be, it will be open on Thursdays from 9am-8pm. The store will be manned by farmer Pete or myself and we accept cash, check, or credit card for purchases. If you are interested in this option, simply place your order via email at info@woodsongfarm.net or text at 678-787-5181 no later than Wednesday evening. This way we can ensure we have plenty of product for you and can reserve your order.  You will find the list of our current products and prices here.

It's been a joy serving you and getting to know you, our dear customer. Thanks so much for supporting your local farmers. We love what we do. Let's keep on doing it!